Saturday, March 7, 2020

Book reading - The Busy Ants

Whenever I go to the 1st class, I make sure I tell a story and read a book for them. This time, I did picture reading through the book, 'Busy Ants' illustrated by Pulak Biswas. 

We opened the book and asked the kids to tell us about what they’re seeing in the picture. Kids are curious to know what’s happening next, there can be only 2 questions. More questions irritate them.

I told about ants and told them how they were pulling the food. I used the word pull and kept pulling their hands and asked them to pull. The action took a turn and everyone wanted to pull.

After the 'pulling,' there was an instance where fingers were  seen in the book.  We counted the fingers on the page and also our fingers and high fived.

Going through the story, kids responded and told about the objects, ball, bat, fingers, ant, and  khana (food).

We finished the story celebrating the end of the story. I tried this with the kids who were listening to me. I saw many kids engaged in many activities. I couldn’t gather and get everyone’s attention.

Good experience.

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