Wednesday, March 4, 2020

In dialogue with Fruit Seller

Shankar and I visited a fruit seller who was watching the hustle of the market in leisure. "Kithne hai Angoor?" we asked and started the conversation. Talking while working, he gave us the amount of grapes we asked. Perfect in precision, he gave us bananas as well as grapes per KG.  He said the prices with so much conviction, we obliged his words rather than haggling for it. 

Shankar was ordering more and I observed the fruit seller. I was amazed at how he cut 5 grapes to get the compass equal. Accuracy at the best. "Not leaving those extra grapes as well?" I chuckled.

"Aisi he. Danda mei barabar dena." he continued and revealed his life. Listening to him, we stood there with bananas and grapes cover in hand.  

"Abhi kya miltha hai. There were times," he pointed out to the bananas we bought and said,
"I sold two dozens bananas per rupee. Four rupees per kg. The grapes come with seeds. That taste can never be retrieved in these times. I spent my life selling these for forty years!"

Sirohi kaisa tha uss samay?" I enquired about his experience with the place, Sirohi.

"The Sirohi, I am talking about, was a lot of smaller. There were no colonies" he pointed out to the other market, "all that part was no more there."  Recollecting the nostalgic moments, he shared his present stories as well. "I have two sons aged 24 and 30. They have their own shops and I work on my own." 

To see the man of experience resembled me the way the places are evolved and how they change the persons who live in that place.  He made life selling the fruits. God bless you seller!

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