Saturday, March 7, 2020

Stories from Sirohi- Sheetal's birthday

“Along with Nirma and Narayan, I walked to their home. Nirma had to collect the milk, Biju and I went with her. We entered the house and observed the cows and calves they got in their front yard. The moment we entered, an elderly man walked out with a chair welcoming us. He walked and touched our feet.

Too young, Biju and I immediately denied him. He said in Marwari. “Aapa padaathe humare bache ko.” Reasoning why he respects us, he said, “We never had an education. These kids study and grow, they’ll have a good life.”  He looked at us, seeing the future in them, and sat down requesting to get seated on a chair.

It’s tough to take what we do not deserve. I do not deserve this immense respect he got for us. Even if we deserve, I am skeptical on it.  I have no experience in teaching. A teacher gains respect as he makes a difference in their lives. Education can change lives. Who knows better than the ones who are deprived of education?

Nirma was quick on her work. She got milk can. Thanking the elders, we left the house, promising them to drink the chai next time.

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