Friday, March 6, 2020

Context matters!

The style of context.

 Mahender explained the style of context with a good analogy of distributing the wedding cards. 

Here's the story.  

How do you explain the context? How do you write the context in a speech? There are a lot of questions in context. Think about the context in the context of writing.

Do we give a wedding card at home just by saying, take the card?

No, we go, we take water. We settle in. Then after the usual talk, we talk about the wedding.

We talk about the date, wedding, place, and a few more.

Do we just leave like that?


We make excuses that we have a lot of cards. We have to go. And give a final decision.

 That is what we do in the writing. Giving a close context. Explaining with such an example helped me to understand the usage of context.

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