Thursday, August 6, 2015

Conversations - Talk with the veteran.

Being late to dinner, I found little food and empty chairs to sit and eat in the hustling canteen.
Before, I sat to eat, ‘Eat at your own pace,’ informed an old man. The person spoke to me in impeccable English. Attracted to his gentle suggestion and calm voice, I started my conversation with hi. He is from Cochin, Kerala.

‘What are you doing here?’ I asked. ‘I’m working as store in charge,  I want to spend my time somehow.Can't sit idle.’ Catching me at my surprise, he said, ‘I have a family of son, daughter and also a grand daughter.’

‘How old are you Sir?’

‘I am 70.’ He said. Interested in uncle’s story, we started our conversations and both of us realized that we have the same interests. He likes to read History. Discussing writing, he showed me his hand writing. We walked into the store room and he showed me his register. At the age of 70, I assumed, he would scribble. He got splendid handwriting. He maintained the book in a perfect manner.

Everyone types, who writes in such a neat manner I thought. Glad to meet him.

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