Saturday, October 3, 2015

Embrace the diversity

Uncle of my neighbourhood asked me," What are your plans?"

I answered straightly, "Working on my next book uncle."

He scoffed and replied, " Better have career oriented job."

After finishing the conversation with so many conversation breakers; ahhh, ummm. I smiled, sighed after he left me.


Everyone feel happy for Saina nehwal, Sachin Tendulkar, Mohini Dey for the achievement they've got. But do anyone dare to encourage the people who want to excel in what they're passionate about?

Fear. Risk. People are afraid to take risk. Once after you achieve it's people again congratulating you for the achievement. Why do you don't dare to accept the change  in path people take?
Why  don't  you accept the risk?

Everyone wish for the change, do everyone accept the change?

It's the change which everyone has to embrace it, live with it.

Change is always new. And it's new because it's change. With rationalized thinking change can be embraced and change the whole world better.  Instead of wishing for the change, accept the change. Accept it with rationalized thinking. Accept it not with programmed thinking. Not with programmed emotions.

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