Sunday, September 27, 2015

Be the Writer.

When i was on call with my friend,she told me, "Renny, I want to be a writer, not to write something overnight just to become like J.k Rowling or Agatha Christie,I want to pen down my feelings effectively and convey my context limpidly, I want  to be rhetoric."

              I never dreamt of myself writing poems. From childhood being expressive,talkative I was extrovert in my childhood. Every new year I was gifted a diary,cake by my dad. From my 1st class, I never bothered to give a thought about using the diary effectively,always used as rough book and failed to complete even after strenuous scribbling.

It was January 1st, I had my  9th diary and wanted to write something. Started writing about events, experiences. 1st day nothing unusual. 7th day no change. 19th day still a normal day. And I continued  writing  about my daily tasks and after writing for 3 months, I had few moments to pen down my feelings about my experiences, travelling. Since then i started writing and still I write.

It's always a surprise to me when people around me understand my context. I never attempt to explain what i mean. I always attempt to express in the enigma of words, If i had known any other form to express my emotions, I'd have done in that way. Fortunately or unfortunately it's by the words i was chosen and it's words i chose to express myself. I may fail to express it limpidly but, i never fail at expressing.

After so many years spent on writing, i could write and publish my first novel, "In between the bridge."

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