Monday, September 21, 2015

Another big day because of 'In between the bridge'.

As i took a stroll in crowded place searching for the friends whom i know, to have a conversation on a fine early morning. Some person followed me trying to start a conversation. Being a conversation maker i gently said,"Yes, tell me."

'Are you the author of In between the bridge'

'Unfortunately. Yes, I am the author of that book'

'Book is very nice, i liked it very much. Is it a real story?'

 'No, it's a fictional one'

'What was your inspiration for writing that book'


And after spending few minutes for the interrogative session about amrutha and karthick, she took her phone out to take a selfie and feeling bad for being sleepy head on early morning, i gave a wide grin saying thanks for reading the book.

After few selfies, I had chance to meet Rahul Ravindran, Pradeep Machiraju, Sandhya Janak, who happened to be the chief guests for the event, Swetcha: Step for the child.

As token of thanks, i gave them my first novel, "In between the bridge." Not only recieving it heartily, they promised me that they'd definitely read my book.
That words just made my day.

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