Monday, January 12, 2015

Poem- Living with endless hope

Living with endless hope

Sliding away with force

Blessed is the water when it heals
Cursed in the water when it kills

Baffling with, no human mind

Singer was gone mute in frost
but her music still reverberates

Where can I find the warmth wishes
Whenver I cross our lord's pitch

Water may take away the breathe
but not unblemished souls

Leaving the flesh, striken
living in the hearts of heaven

Tall is his image on the film
Love, is what he shares in this realm

So heroic are my friends
staying in the hearts of everyone

Though you leave
you live in us

Blessed are the people my friends prayed
Blessing is the Him, we lost from us

Shining amongst the stars
Cheering us to succeed

24/7 from heaven
Wishing us to cherish the life

Sailing the ship of my life
Move forward a mile
Recalling their smile

Not once
but forever!

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