Monday, July 3, 2017

The Swimmer by Roma Tearne

43 year old Ria lives by a river  enjoying her days  alone. Her life changes when she tries meeting an intruder who visits her river at times. Ben. Ben is a refugee from Srilanka who ran for a better life. It's a story of love narrated by 3 different characters who are related to the 'swimmer,' Ben.

The book has three parts narrated by 'Ria,' 'Anula,' and 'Lydia.' The story seemed bit sentimental  but the way it was narrated impacted in a great way. The writing was very imaginative.

The book seemed intense but it's worth reading it again. I'd love to re read to be in the whirl of emotions again. The way Roma described nature along the person's nature is interesting. I lived in Suffolk summer along with the characters. I had good time reading this book. Author narrated around the theme of love, ageing, xenophobia. Looking forward to read more works of the author.


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