Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Words vanished into this universe.

There's a pang of regret when the words you penned are vanished into this universe, not returning to you forever.

I wish, I used water proof gel pen.
I wish, I typed.
I wish, I put them at safe place.

Many people would relate to my feeling for, everyone would lose something at sometime or other. This incident taught me to digitalise my writings as soon as I scribble anything on paper. Thanks to my over care to the writings I've written, I didn't lose much. There's one poem I lost  I wrote on my friend titled "Pleasant Chaos in Peach." I couldn't find the draft of it. I still try hard to recall the words I penned describing the moment.

This is one draft which I almost lost it. After few weeks,  vanished words reached me as they reach me when I don't wait for them.  To see the finished picture or painting or poem always brings contentment. I'm glad I found the words which I almost lost.

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