Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Million Dollar Arm- Movie

Million Dollar Arm

Inspired from a true story and  this movie is directed by Craig Gillespie.
John Hamm plays JB who is in search of a last chance to keep up his office and dreams. As all the doors gets closed, he walks to his investor talking about the untapped India’s talent.

It’s interesting how India is stereotyped in many ways. West people think that everyone are crazy about cricket. He thinks people who can bowl also can pitch in baseball.
Talent is expected at unexpected places and they find Rinku and Dinesh. It’s interesting how characters are developed. Every character whom I suspected about their role played important role in the movie, i.e Scout Ran. They move to Los Angeles to see what’s their for them in LA. Atlast after few ups and downs they see their dream.

I wonder about stories which are still untapped. It’s a delight to know about people who never had dreams but made them real after few series of incidents.  There’s nothing I didn’t like about the movie.

Music to the movie enhanced in every possible way. Few scores are taken from other movies, never the less, it’s always soothing to listen to such soothing music.

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