Sunday, July 30, 2017

Behind the X- TEDx Stories.

 The minute Samhita and Meghana walked up to me and told their decision on choosing Shreya as host. I knew were doing the best on things which we could've improved last year. 

Without comparisons, I believed in Shreya being perfect host, as I see energy in her, engagement techniques and spontaneity. More than anything, she brings positive vibes. 

There's a line said, 'Stop talking before people stop listening.' She knows when to talk and when to stop. Shreya does that right. 


9:00 am

As the day started, she started jumping around with the speaker list in hand and singing heartfelt. As time passed by, I could hear sitting in a corner and practicing the names and introductions of speakers. 

She called out for suggestions a couple of times, I couldn't respond properly. After a few minutes, she cornered me to a seat and shared all her doubts for the clarity. In return, I posed questions and she got her answers. As we talked, she decided to be confident and realistic rather than boastful and pretentious. 

9.58 am

I go near her saying, 'I know you'll do great! It's your day. Go for it!'

As we took one picture before we opened the floor for the talks, we got on to the show. 

Shreya was comfortable in her own words and she did her work so gracefully. As the talks went by, she came up with snippets, quotes and created a flow in the show. 

She balanced the energies. She knew when to be active when to give away the stage. 

After the lunch, as ideas were shared and the audience was drained by intense ideas and thoughts; to lighten up Shreya came up with the task of creating rain in the room. 

It was fabulous and everyone loved it. She was honest rather than pretentious as she decided. 

I believe, she has a lot of hats to wear. Shreya has the grace of taking up tasks soo effortlessly. that one trait of her amazes me. She loves what she does. God bless you Shreya. 

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