Friday, July 21, 2017


Everyday, soon after the classes are done, we'd rush to TED room at ED cell for many reasons. For a whole year, It became a hangout spot for all the TEDxers. Before we recruited the crew to work there, we used to brain storm ideas, discuss about further actions, call people to convince them about the idea. 
Clockwise: Myself, Vijay, Vineeth, Ravi Teja and Shiva

It all started as 5 member team and we kept growing as a community. Looking at the pictures, I feel nostalgic. This  picture was shot by Meghana.

Vijay's is infamous for his angriness but, he was always reasonable and cool with me. Vineeth is super awesome being a true leader. He is gentle and calm as his role model Rahul Dravid. Ravi Teja is intense and cool in his thoughts. Shiva is the silent man who doesn't contribute much talks in groups but was very comfortable with us sharing stuff. Miss being around these awesome people.

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