Sunday, January 5, 2020

Between the homes.

Home is where I live. Currently, I live in Rajasthan. That's my home. For holidays, I went back to my home, Kadapa. That's also my home. 
After 10 months, visiting Kadapa is a new experience. Life in Rajasthan changed many perspectives.  I took a few days to settle down and I felt home leisure around and enjoying my time at home. 

Since I'm back to Rajasthan after my break. I have a lot of things to compare to. The things I feel important here are no more important at home. People do not even acknowledge it. Everyone has their own issues.  The circle and socializing is huge at home. Social circle is also included when we are deciding at home. They're part of our life. We always tend to meet their expectations. 

It's more about disappointments and expectations. We have 3 full meals a day and more.  We do not acknowledge the service or efforts. We take everything for granted. Thanks to food delivery apps, we have so many options. Food is no more a need. We eat more than we need. 

After coming to Rajasthan,  I feel more grateful for all the things I have at home.  I get so many vehicles to drive. I have so many relatives and friends to hang out with. I also have a lot of time to spend with. 

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