Monday, January 27, 2020

Hitchhiking Diaries- Fear of Rejection

On the roads of Hyderabad, I waited for a story. I waited for help. I waited to see if there's anyone who would offer me a ride.

I stood and saw the uncles leaving. Everyone signaling that they are not going my way. 
A lot of signals and rejection by avoiding eye contact. 

I waited and went on with my requests. A girl in her activa neared by. 
I paused for a moment pondering if should I ask or not for the ride. 

Afraid of rejection by a girl. 

Do you harm anyone, do you hurt anyone, do you cause trouble? then why do you think or contemplate before even asking the girl for help? 
I asked and no one stopped.  So much of thought and nothing happened.

Wait. Something happened. A girl stopped. She took her time to stop the bike.

I ran to her and said, 'thank you.'

'Where do you have to go?'

'Metro station.'

'Where are you going?'


'Where is it?'
'Near Lumbini park.'

'What is it about?'
'Literary festival.' 

'Wow, interesting. I'm also interested. I've been to one in HPS.  Is that the one?'

And the conversations flowed getting to know about each other. 

'So what do you do??,' asked the girl.

'I'm in Rajasthan working there.'

'Working? You look like a student re.' said the girl

'Well, that's a compliment,' I smiled and continued the conversation. Getting to know each other, we realized, she belongs to the place where I'm currently living, Sirohi.

'What a coincidence!' we thought and were happy to meet in such circumstances.

We shared what we love to do and the conversations went on sharing our passion and interests.

We also spoke about the life of women at the place I live in especially. I could relate since I've been there. She could share it since she has seen it all at her place. It was a  meaningful conversation. 

I'm glad I asked her rather than stopping myself thinking a lot about the rejection.

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