Sunday, January 12, 2020

Ethos- Day 3

Early morning, we walked while kids are ready with their flags to kick start the day with finals. Mukesh, Ravinder, and few other kids joined to help out in the marking.

Simultaneously, Satvir and Dyu started the Disc throw, the other team organized the Kabaddi finals. Agni vs Aakash was in the finals. Krishna and Kalpana were the only players who brought the team to the finals and won the game. Against all the odds, there wasn't much support from anyone. Everyone wanted the other team to win but, they were cool about it. Krishna, in her coolness, played the game and won it.

Chiku and the team played well. They put their best efforts and enjoyed the game.

Nikhil was the star player in the boys Kabaddi finals, he was sure of his game and did his job done displaying confidence among his teammates.

The football final bit a long one. Despite a long time,  the score was 0-0. There was a shoot out. Joshna missed one and the Agni lost the game. 

Kho Kho finals, Agni (girls) had a cakewalk. Jaisal from Aakash played well and supported the team at a bad time.

Agni(boys) gave a tough fight but the Jal team won the finals.

In the spree of win and loss, students enjoyed the week playing. There's a lot one learns through playing. Good time Students.

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