Monday, January 20, 2020

School Stories

The angry wish.

After  5 days, I visited the school and the kids were excited to see me after a long time. The wishes and the shout outs seemed so.

As I entered the class to talk with the other teacher, there was a kid who always had a tough relation with me. It was always a cold conversation. She came and said, "How are you?"

I said, "I am fine."

I asked in return, "How are you?"

She said, "I'm fine," and walked away

Her wish seemed a genuine wish but the relationship we had was never beyond the classroom. She wanted to ask about my whereabouts but, she didn't have anything to talk.

That question in her cold attitude seemed so genuine that I was touched by their overwhelming emotions. It's with the teens.

In teenage, Does one tends to create a harmless animosity towards others for no reason? 

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