Thursday, January 30, 2020

Friends- Meet with Sharayu

Another meet with Sharayu included coffee, music, and all the stories we had to share with each other. 

With Sharayu, I don't mind being silent without talking as I can listen to her all the time. Sharayu shared about her concert performance held on November 10th. 

Talking about her classical music training, she shared how she trained herself to give her best performance. Self-doubt, confidence, practice. She tackled it all in her own way wading through everything. 

She used to perform 10 hours a day. It's inspiring to see her efforts.  It's not about the final thing but the effort you put it so that you enjoy each and everything.

We listened to her practice tapes. I found,  "Thillana" complicated! I couldn't even comprehend at first. And to her yeah it's piece of cake.  "Only because of practice," she mentions. 

Sharayu also spoke about how she saw people balancing their life with art. 

How do we balance out things and live along, making the best for ourselves? 

Along with the music, we shared our stories. Our stories of growth and how we go on with our lives.

When I shared about confusion, Sharayu shared, "aduguthunaru kadha ani emo raaku, stay in Rajasthan and enjoy." Thanks for the word, Senior!

This time, we had a lot of talk on songs, 'Laali Laali,' 'Meriseti Puvva,'  'Raag Vasantha.'  Raag Yaman, Varnam, Thaalam. 

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