Monday, January 27, 2020

Anekdotes- Neha Khaitan Performance

Anjali and I settled down at the storytelling corner waiting for the session to begin. Neha Khaitan got her introduction. Founder of a flower child, Bharatanatyam Dancer and got so many hats she wore. 
She had two musicians along with her. One on violin, other on Mridangam. 

Along with the music cues, she began her performance with a snippet on the narration. She performed a few pieces from the stories of Jataka Tales. One story was about "Himsuka" and the other story was about, "The mad man story, Naren."

Naren is a very interesting story with an unexpected moral. Neha was fabulous with her emotive skills. I was glued to her expressions, I enjoyed the music as well. The live performances are amazing. I got a chance to immerse in and enjoy it, I was tempted to record the performances but, I preferred to enjoy it in person rather than record it on mobile.

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