Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Social media- Instagram Diary

Not once, not twice I heard multiple times people sharing social media as Happy Memory box. Glad it serves as a Happy memory box. But I'm skeptical about the way it affects our memories. If this is used as a memory box, it comes with a price. 

When you share memory and receives a reward or thumbs up for it. We become compulsive about receiving applause every time we post something. I've experienced myself turning compulsive checking the social media several times. After receiving a lot of attention through social media, I wished to engage through comments and replies but I failed at it. Hardly there was a conversation that enriched me or that left me with a good feeling.   

In compulsion of creating good memories unconsciously, I struggled and forgot to appreciate my life in a better way. 

 I followed Jaron Lanier's few suggestions to keep my social media usage at check reminds of his suggestions. 

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