Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Memories- Favorite Junior, Bhavana

It's been 2 years since I met her. 

Bhavana aka KBC a.k.a Bubby. The one junior with whom I had a love-hate relationship right from the beginning. My first memory of meeting Bubby was in my 2nd-year classroom. Ragged her with Meghana. 

There was so much animosity built between us. Never tolerated her tantrums till the fresher's party. And it was on the fresher's party eve she changed her view after seeing me. 

"I was angry at you so much that I never wanted to talk to you. But, you're not really bad as you seemed before." were her lines after the fresher's party. 

Neither intended to hurt her nor intended to go beyond limits. Was just introducing her to the world of adaptability. From the eve of fresher's party, we got along being there supporting each other everytime in a need. 

Bhavana is full of energy and spreads positive vibes all the way she goes. Conversations with her always honest. She's ambitious if she takes things in her way. At the same time, she's all chilled out if she decides to be that way. 

When I had to organize Ezenith event, I approached her first. I believed in her and she made my decision right by giving her best efforts. She roped in her people whom I admired them for their work. That event reinstated my trust further on her. Be it any task, or friendly talk, she was always there. 

I cherish the bond we have. Clueless of the miscommunication we had, we became busy in our lives. 

After all the time, I ran into her at the State Art Gallery being surprised. I'm happy I decided to walk into the Gallery on this day, at this time. 

We caught up our conversation at the drop of a hat. Nothing has changed. We had a lot of stories, memories to share. Bhavana is still the same person who gives a lot of warmth and positive vibes. 

I find it hard to put in words to express my happiness in meeting her in such a random place. 

Bhavana and I

Never together
Never apart

We stayed the same
Taking different ways

Your smile. Your words
Our conversations. Our Bond.

Nothing has changed. 
Not really, the way we talk
The way we trust each other and 
The way we share

I'm glad I walked into the room 
To meet you. And to revisit all the 

I'm happy Bubby. Delighted to see you after a long time. 

Thanks, Bhavana for the click

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