Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Memories- Favorite Junior

Sandeep and Lekith walked into my flat, picking up the conversations and stories we left when we met the last time. Dikshit was about to join NITI. Now, he's already wading through it and we recollected all the friends.

Conversations kept going and I'm glad I caught up for a conversations. Three of us were on the same page talking freely about everything and anything. 

Our conversations never ranged from trivial stuff to terrifying realities.  We talked about empathy and the way we practice and observe in our lives.  I wanted to gift the Dhoni book to Sandeep. Heartened to hear him saying about his writing our 4 pages of how Dhoni influenced him. 
I'm sure the book has found the right reader. Couldn't think of any other person when I saw this book. 

Lekith's a lot more reflective on what he does now. We spoke on how we're turning compulsive. Shared his productivity time when he relied less on technology. 

Even Lekith got a sense for black and white pictures. We bid a farewell promising to huddle sometime soon. 

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