Thursday, February 14, 2019

GoPro got me a friend

Go Pro got me a friend. Raj was walking beside me with the Gopro6.

"That's a good investment. I have one too." I said.

"I lend it to my friend and the battery is easily drained out and need help in linking the app," said Raj.

Met right before leaving for other place, we shared phone numbers to meet sometime and fix it up.

Met at Lamakaan the other week and fixed it over a discussion.

Raj loves traveling, teaching, talking to strangers,  writing short stories and a lot more. On being asked about his journey, he shared how he started working as a sales manager for years and then started his own business and then sold off the business to a friend and started traveling. He lived a good amount of time in the US, UK, Andaman Nicobar Islands. Good amount of time means months. Good that he explored rather than a tourist visit.

Curious about his age, I asked him about his age. He said, "I'm 25"

The numbers confuse you. Don't ever believe in those age numbers. said Raj.

 Had a great time knowing him. I'm glad Gopro got me a new friend. Good day.
Raj & I

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