Thursday, February 21, 2019

Instagram Compulsiveness

I've heard many people sharing Instagram as a happy memory box. Glad it serves as a memory box.  But, I discovered a problem with it. If this is used as a memory box, the way you share the memories are turning shallow. 

The medium we share seems to be as important as the content. 

We're trying to share the experience but, in real, we're informing the experiences. We're thinking to create a bond, seek reflections, thoughts, ideas through what we share but, in return, we're getting away from ourselves at our best through medium's choice. 

As we receive an applause or appreciation on our memories. Eventually, we become compulsive about making memories. 

In compulsion of creating great memories, we're struggling and forgetting to appreciate the life in a better way. 

Few tips to overcome compulsiveness

1. Share memories in person. After that, you can inform on social media. Either through one or two posts.

2. Write about it in the journal. 

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