Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Hospitla and hullabaloo

Hospitals and hi-tech knowledge.

Is it with me or is it with everyone?

I'm not old school but I'm scared of googling symptoms and finding of diseases. If I'm sick or unsure of my health condition, I head to the doctor. 

Caught up with severe cold and cough and got bad pleghm for several weeks. Clueless about what's in store for me. I headed to the hospital for the checkup. 

I walked into the hospital and the receptionist calls out to fill the form. More than our details, their survey form was more of it. 

Who suggested to us, sir? Is it through FB, Twitter, newspaper, leaflet, word of mouth or many other options that have no end? 

If I don't fill this properly, they didn't seem to give me a consultation. 

Which doctor do you like to see?/

I sneezed continuously. I don't know where to go. 

Is it ala-carte? Needs basic knowledge on which doctor is to whom. 

Goddamn sneezing.

"Nephrology? Pulmonary?"

Do I need to do micro degree in medicine before I get infected with the disease.

Even these people expect us to Google our disease.

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