Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Thought Experiment - Attitude and behaviour.

I didn't had his poster. I didn't try to imitate his hairstyle.  All I possess was his words and works 

Hand-made poster, his book, "The Spirit of Music", a small 3*4 size photo in my diary and a whole discography collection. These are the things I possess of A.R.Rahman.

His works and words meant a lot. I was always on the internet browsing for his interviews. 

He hardly speaks and every interview was searched, watched, replayed, and downloaded

These are the things I treasure as invaluable things. Grateful to a friend and Swathi for gifting me the poster and his book. 

There's a line that pushed me to tinker my perceptions of being an admirer to anyone. 

"Be the person whom you want to meet."

Indeed, looking up to A.R.Rahman I tried being silent. This was the experiment during my schooling. I didn't like being silent and I realized it's not me. I decided I learn what I look up for and what seemed a helpful thing to me. And the rest, I appreciate him for what that made him to be himself. 

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