Saturday, September 10, 2022

Books- The Original Wisdom by Robert Wolff

 I got to know about this book through Harry's review.

I'm surprised to read about the tribe who has a way of knowing things around. Especially, I vividly remember this text and was sharing it one of my conversations with colleagues. 

"Once Wolff takes the bomoh of a village to the main town with him and he sees the ocean for the first time. Wolff notices the bomoh watching the ocean intently the next day and after they return to the village, he holds a meeting and tells the rest of the village people about the ocean - details about how the ocean covers the land but not enough to pose danger, of how there's life inside the ocean, geography of the ocean and so much more that Wolff knows could not be known by merely watching the ocean from a distance. But the bomoh has seen an ocean for the first time and Wolff realises that there is a knowing in the universe if we are tuned into it. He asks the bomoh to teach him and he asks Wolff to join him on a walk - and they walk and walk in nature for days without any instruction and after many such, Wolff realises how to tune into the universe and its wisdom."

Original Wisdom by Robert Wolff is definitely a book on to-be-read list.  

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