Monday, March 18, 2024

Holidays with Harry- Take it to it's full potential

Contemplating on the exhibition and the pursuit of art, I called up Harry and shared a word. 

"Sir, I have my art exhibition is coming up. For a month. And I'm exhibiting a lot of work. I'm anxious about it." I said. 

"Congratulations. The longer the better, the more the better."

"How did you handle your big days- book launches sir?" I posed another question. 

"What theme are you working on? asked Harry

"Empty Spaces- more about migration."

"That's nice. Look at your art through your theme and see it's full potential. What do you wanna to take the idea forward. Once you intend to see it's full potential, your conversations, your presence, your approach with the art reflects the same. There's no mistake if you shout from the rooftop, there's no mistake if you don't shout from the rooftop. Just try to see it's full potential."

"I'm scared of my intense conviction to paint more and write more."

"The more the better again. It's nice you've the urge to express, you don't need to suppress it."

After the conversation, I stayed with these thoughts and it helped- Seeing the work to it's full potential. Being comfortable in expressing yourself more through art is always okay. 

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