Thursday, March 21, 2024

Empty Spaces- Flow-Day 3

As I drafted the message and shared it across,  a couple of friends walked into exhibiton and shared their response. Grusha & Anirudha shared as they checked out the exhibition.  Shabon and his friends joined and appreciated my efforts. They helped me in placing the posters in right way. As I headed to the class and got back, found few friends. One of the persons whom I shared my art class with shared that he love the pieces. At the end of day, walked along with Tanya and shared a conversation.

I learnt that my art is out there and doing it's job. I may not be there in person but, my art is evoking someone who pass by and interact with it. Do I need to know what emotions is my art evoking? Do I need to know if my art found it's purpose? Do I need to know how it's affecting? I do not know. Also, I wanted to write an introduction for myself and struggled a bit. 

I realised that to hardest part is to tell about yourself. The more aware of who you are, the better you articulate yourself. 

Here's the introduction I wrote-


Abhinay Renny currently lives in Geneva, pursuing master’s in international development studies at Graduate Institute, Geneva. He authored 4 books- 2 novels, ‘In between the bridge’, ‘Rainy Summer’, 2 books of poetry- “The Wordless Conversation,” “Colourless” & got poems published in a few international anthologies. Along with it, he had Art exhibition at Bangalore & Jaipur in India.

In the past 6 years, he worked in IT Industry as well as social organisation. Curious to perceive the world, not in silos, he began his journey to Geneva to explore the themes he’s passionate about- Education, Technology, Environment & Art- its effect on humanity. 

Staying in the questions- ‘What it takes to trust others?’ & ‘What it takes to say- ‘I don’t know’ Abhinay Renny has taken up hitchhiking in India, trusting strangers and seeking help from them and striking conversations with them. 

Continuing to trust people around him, share a space with others, he has decided to put his art for sale. 

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