Sunday, March 3, 2024

Geneva journals- Poetree

Observing trees in Geneva, I could notice that there's a lot of effort and care for the aesthetics as well as functionality of trees in the spaces we live. A lot of trees are pruned for aesthetic purposes that began in 19th century. I find it disappointing when trees are cut, pruned for aesthetic purposes. Despite the effort brings balance and design to the space, it will not let a tree grow in it's space and rhythm. To see trees being shaped in a desired shape is not helping ecologically as well as the canopy cover helps to beat the urban heat and helps us in many ways. I acknowledge the functionality of pruned trees where one need to be mindful of the tramlines, buildings and other spaces where trees could hamper the human flow. In the urge of balancing the functionality, ecological balance and aesthetics, let's not delve into extremes of cutting it out or letting it grow wild. These are few articles I found when I began to study about trees in Geneva. 

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