Monday, August 21, 2023

Sirohi to Switzerland- The BIG Journey

The journey is apparently big as I'm moving out of the country. I began to think about how does it make a difference, in what aspects does it make difference? I couldn't think on all these aspects as I was overwhelmed by the fact that I'm leaving the family. I moved out of home for education 10 years ago, still, this seemed to be a big move. 

Flying from Mumbai seemed a better option, as I avoided the overwhelming feeling of departing. Firstly, I gave a send off to Dad, he was emotional and I did not think much about it. Later, I took a train from Kadapa to Mumbai. Making it little easy, a lot of extended family members came to send me off. Along with Akhila and mom, Bharathi, Vijay, Chintu, Isha, Preetham & Danny came. 

No sooner I got onto the train, I placed my luggage and took a breath. A very old lady took her own sweet 60 seconds to ask me, are you going to abroad?

Yes, I replied, sharing the details, as the conversation began. 

Sharing our own stories, in our way, I didn't realise that I left my home. The conversations flowed and I continued talking to them and listening to what the experienced traveler had to say. The day passed and I reached mumbai by afternoon. 

Welcomed by Dyu, I tried recollecting my first days in Sirohi and the time I lived with him. Dyu is the first room mate I had since the time I moved out of my home. Now, I'm living alone again. Let's see how it goes. 

Along with Sneha & Dyu, spend the evening, discussing all that I'd be able to do. 

On the next day, I was bit anxious of the whole journey. Will I forget anything, will I misplace anything? Will I be okay? There's so much anxiety about everything. I took a deep breath and Dyu mentioned that a new place should bring you a new energy. You'll do great. And the next moment, leaving Dyu and Sneha, I got into the cab and headed to the airport. 

The moment I reached the airport, I just went in and got in. The travel, journey seemed all usual. Except the long flight hauls, everything was great.

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