Thursday, August 24, 2023

Sirohi to Switzerland- The easy public transport

Geneva is approximately 300 sq km in area. I got onto the TPG 's website(Transports publics genevois), registered for swiss pass. a little KYC and I got my swiss pass to buy the tickets and annual/monthly passes. 

I got my monthly pass. Voila, I'm all set to use bus, tram, boat and transport under the area of Zone10. The idea of travelling to any corner of Geneva in public transport is very exciting. 

Carried umbrella, bottle of water, a journal, few pastels and comfortable crocs to walk on. I got onto the first bus I could spot. Watching the Geneva through the window seat, I could see how green and spacious the place is. There's no place where I felt I'm living in a concrete jungle. 

I walked around Thonex, got onto the bus and returned to Geneva. After reaching Geneva, I walked around, attended a photography exhibition, comedy night, got on a boat and walked back to the lake. 

I find it fun to wander, walk to random places and imagining how it'd have been in 1700s, 1800s.

A long day. Had great fun. 

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