Wednesday, August 2, 2023

Soliloquies- The Writing Desk

After ages, I returned to my draft equipping myself with a lot of positivity and cool head to cruise through the jungle of words. After looking and reading the first chapter of my script, I wish to watch a video on Youtube, look at the product I wanted to buy, read a message that validates I'm a writer, respond to friend's message that's been lying unresponded for more than a week. It seemed anything is better than taking up the draft. As I slowly edit word by word, sentence by sentence and then glance through paragraphs, I feel okay to go through it again and again. 

Approaching the draft objectively is one trait I need to train myself. It's been long time. Sabine has helped me a lot, instilling a lot of confidence in me. Thank Sabine. I wrote this blog, just as distraction from writing the sentences in the script. Now back to work. 

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