Sunday, August 27, 2023

Genev`e Journals- The long walk

I got out and was so lost on my destination. Tridisha helped me to explore-Bel Air. I managed to get down the old town and roamed a bit. I walked into a chapel where the mass was happening. I spent some time and got marveled at the the architecture. The church seemed to be old but has modern equipment of light and sound. 

After the church visit, I walked out and went to a cafe.It had a trampoline and kids were enjoying it. After writing for a while, I thought of this 'art of doing nothing' 

I see a lot of people sat around and did nothing. They just viewed the sky, the scenery and sat there. Can I do it. Can I do nothing and just be there. I got on the eicher chair and watched the jet Dooh and the sky. 

It was pleasant. I enjoyed watching the water swell up and disperse in the air. Everytime I saw the sky teemed up with water, I felt light and good. 

I'm slowly getting into the mood of living here. I wish to live in the place and imbibed in it rather than be a tourist and fill the check list/bucket list stuff. 

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