Sunday, August 27, 2023

Morning Walks- The Zone 30

 I walked out thinking I'll spend time outside. As I put step outside, my feet followed it's path. I went out and walked down the tree path and passed the 1700 old building. On the path, I watched the snail walking at it's own pace. The skin is more translucent. I waited for a while wondering if I should continue my walk or not. The bells got tolled, there's rain that's pattering on the leaves. In the silence, there seemed to be symphony of sounds. 

I couldn't decide. I stood still listening to the bells and the sounds of rain. As the bells got faded, I took the step ahead. I was wondering if the calling of church bells made me to stand still and walk towards it. It's also sunday. 

As the sounds of the bell got faded, I took a step forward and walked across this lovely path filled with the white stones and flowers of blue, yellow and green. It's a sight to see. Throughout the path, there are leaves falling. For the first time, I could experience the fall season. With the moisture, the leaves were stuck to the road. I walked along and took a right from the Hong Kong permanent mission. The office is filled with bright colourful flowers with different shades of pink and violet. 

And I got onto the main road. Energized by the weather, I walked towards zone 30. I never explored zone 30 and walked across the footpath. I walked through the permanent missions of various countries like Nigeria and other countries. A round about through the office, I walked further. 

I could spot a lot of old men with dogs. Looks like only dogs could be collared, I've never seen the cats chained and got along for  a walk. 

The elders have a good social life here. I see a 62 year old Jeff playing basketball with everyone. Other elderly group is playing Indian marbles version game. 

Back to walk. I continued to walk around and ended up on the main road. One hour of walk across zone 30. I was all ready to head home. I realised that I need to set my routines and plan my week accordingly. 

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