Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Holidays with Harry

As I reached Srinagar colony by chance, I phoned Harry for a meet up. He was out of home, still we decided to meet as, to spend time with him is best of the times I spend in my days. 

To kill time while he was on his way to home, I went to ESI park which was very clean. I never expected it to be so clean that people loved to spend a lot of time there.

As I reached Harry's home, he was busy on phone and Anjali was happy to see me after long time. We went for groceries and had a quick conversation on what she was doing all the day.

Anjali friends are my friends and her cousins are also my friends. Met Shika who visited home from Bengaluru.

Soon after a sumptuous dinner, Anjali wanted all of us to play snap snap.

Snap snap.
Time passed by as we sat together playing snap snap for hours. We were so exhausted that if we had sat for one more minute, we'd be ending up in sleep.

As clock stuck 12 at night, we went for walk. Shika, Anjali, Pooja and me went for a walk. 
Slow walks under the sodium vapour lights paved for good conversations regarding life. Anjali was happy to play with our shadows as we were strolling on streets.

I came out of home for a run and ended up at Harry's home till late night, playing and having good conversations. A day well spent. Positive people. Positive vibes.

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