Monday, June 19, 2017

This Way is Easier Dad Book Launch

Soon after I finished my Talk at TCS, I headed for the launch. Wading through traffic, I reached the place bit late.

The amphitheater was jam packed. Could see few familiar faces but couldn't figure out who's who. 

Venkatapathy Raju, Poornima Nagaraju, Jayesh Ranjan, Harry and Anjali were on stage.

Anjali was smiling whenever she had an eye contact with anyone.

As I entered the place, Harry was answering questions posed by the crowd. Soon after I found a place for myself, Chief guest Jayesh Ranjan started speaking about the book. He told about the types of parents. How parents act to be cool but deep down concerned about each and every act of their children. He also talked about his daughter who happened to teach him few lessons.

At the end, Poornima Nagaraju also shared how her daughter learnt a new word, 'incredible' and kept using it to describe everyone as incredible.

The launch came to an end by Meghana's  message to buy the book. 

Soon after the launch, the crowd started to get autographs from the author and also little Anjali. Anjali wrote short sweet messages to people who asked her autograph. I spent time meeting and talking to new people. Met Ram Mohan Harry's brother, Nandita writer at Microsoft, Aditya Vasu uncle's son, Vinod sir.  And also met Harry's MBA friends, Vijay, Baradwaj, Shrini, Sunny, Pankaj, Ramana, post launch.

I missed the show but caught up with many people talking for a while. Had great time meeting many strangers.

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