Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Back to 'Out of Comfort zone'

It was on October 20th 2016, I took a decision to get out of my comfort zone.

Back then, I was in Bengaluru on holidays, enjoying the cozy weather without watching sun for days. Weather was  so cozy to sleep all day and sometimes to have hot water bath all day. Most of the time, I used to spend my time outdoors. Besides this, I used to have hot water baths for hours and hours. I spent months wasting time and water, enjoying myself in cozy weather.

After much realization, I decided to call for an action.

I wanted to stop this. I wanted to stop wasting my time and also lots of water. I wanted to get out of my comfort zone!

To get out of comfort zone, I thought I'd bath with only cold water so that, I'd not enjoy bath much and finish it quickly. As I was so determined, without second thoughts, I started bathing with cold water on October 20th 2016.

Days passed, and I was tempted to have hot water bath.  I seeked relaxation and found many excuses for myself to have hot water bath. But my consciousness didn't let me excuse myself to take back my decision.

With my determination, till now, I bathed  with only cold water.

In span of 9 months, It was only 2-3 times that I had hot water bath for getting caught with cold severly.

I enjoyed it fully. Even during the most chilling days, I had  cold water bath. I'd share my experience in other blog posts.

Soon after the winter season was over, It was never a matter of 'out of comfort zone.'

But, as Hyderabad is hit with monsoons and as I bathed today with cold water again, I realized I'm pushing myself out of comfort zone again.

This sounded silly when I shared with friends but, the thought process which made me to keep pushing myself out of comfort zone helped me to adapt to many difficult situations.

As some one said, Life lies out of comfort zone. Glad to be out of comfort zone again. :)

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