Thursday, June 1, 2017

Walk from work.

These days I'm walking from work.

I don't dare to be sweaty when I go to office on morning. During mornings, I reach office on rides and while leaving, I walk from work enjoying it completely.

Walking gives me time to think for a long time. When I'm in confusion I walk. When I want to talk to myself, I walk. When I want to contemplate, I walk.

To go for a walk amid nature is what I love the most. Since I can't be amid nature every time, I tend to walk when ever and where ever possible.  I get a 2 hours of time to reach home from workplace. Avoiding hectic traffic on roads, I walk on side of the road, distancing myself from racing vehicles.

I don't distract myself with music or other distractions. I walk talking to myself. I walk with wavering thoughts which are bothering me. And I walk enjoying it.

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