Thursday, June 8, 2017

Carolyn's inspiring words.

So happy to see Carolyn's message on achieving her dreams.

"Spend 10 minutes a day on things we love."

How often we waste time wondering about what's stopping us from our dreams. Definitely this is the message that had to be spread to make people dreams real.

Carolyn in her own words said, "I always tell people, follow your passion and success will follow right behind. No passion is too big or too small, spend a few minutes doing what you love, but ensure you do it every single day. For me I found my passion in food and yoga, from here there is no looking back. I'm not sure if I'll be working in the food industry or as a yoga instructor, but one promise I've made to myself, is whatever I'm doing, I'll spend at least 10 minutes doing what I love the most. 

So I urge all of you, to take at least 10 minutes off your schedule to do something that you love ❤️Stay blessed 🙏"

Inspiring to invest time for myself on what I love.  You always amaze me with your words and works Carolyn. Stay blessed.

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