Monday, January 29, 2018

Delhi Delays- Management Lessons

I had an early morning flight in Delhi. And it was delayed due to weather conditions. It was postponed to 3-4 hours.  Delays at Delhi airport are common but, in the age of screens & technology, communication to the customer is not an issue. Communication amidst the management crew seems to be the issue. It's visible that few put blank faces when asked about further information. I wonder if they've information and asked not to reveal it or on whole, they do not really know what's happening with people.

We were asked to have our breakfast at KFC. As we trudge on a  blue morning with zero visibility to the windows, we were denied the food by KFC. We do not have any official message from Vistara and denied to give us breakfast.

We had Visara official right there at KFC. He wasn't sure of the breakfast arrangement but, was sure of the delay of the flight. We weren't told by message or mail to show it. The official wasn't rude but was helpless since in reality, he was confused.

There comes another official apologizing and make sure everyone get their breakfast, he also took a couple of the boxes to serve of anyone left at the gate.

If I have to appreciate Vistara for such professionals, I should also blame for the confusion guys.

Organizing get affected by every single work they do when they're in the field of service.

Anything in service, we need to be helpful and kind all the time. To be positive all the times is to develop a life with a lot of goodness. It's a challenge to deal with everything with a  positive attitude. Kudos! to the people who are leading a life by practice of positive attitude.

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