Sunday, January 28, 2018

She made the journey complete.

I've been traveling all month and at Bengaluru, I randomly ran into an old friend. She's Pooja from Pune. Met her at Hyderabad when she was here for an internship. She flew to Pune and we hardly talked.  As I was in Bengaluru for a weekend, she was there on a work purpose. Never knew about it. And we randomly met!

As we met, we decided to sit and talk.

A meet up after long time! We never ran out of conversations but, time! We fought on who's first to share what's all happening in our lives. We also spent time discussing on what to share when we meet for next time. Yes! I had a lot to share and I take time( My people troll me for that *sigh*)

I was contended  meeting her. That random meet. Those hours of conversation is what I'll cherish for long time.

2nd week. Chennai.

Met RexT a.k.a Suhrid. I walked into an event and was sitting at last. Wanted to have a good sight of stage and moved front.

I looked left and there was this 6 footer next to me who instantly realised what just happened.

RexT and I were shocked to see each other at a random place, very randomly!

We took our own time blathering with lot of questions.

"How Broooo-"
"Seriously! How-

With lot of unending  questions, we decided to walk out of event and then started discussing.

RexT is a TEDxer from Chennai. Years back, we met at  Infosys Mysore and spent great time with many TEDxers who were all over from India.

Later Advaith and Jason joined on that day.

RexT and I ended up sharing alot of what's happening in life. He indeed took me to a campus tour at IIT Chennai. We had great time discussing on what we love to do.

And now comes the 3rd week. 3rd person, Sravani!

I had my lunch at Andhra Bhavan and was about to leave the place. As I saw her, it took me seconds to realise she's Sravani!

Sravani is very good friend of mine and loved seeing her at random place, very randomly. I never imagined, I'd see her at Delhi!

Listening to what she's upto, made me  happy and proud. Meeting her made the journey complete.

I'm in love with these random meets and heart felt conversations. I'm grateful to life for these surprises and random meets.

Now, I see the surprises I have by not sharing where I travel on social media.
People will never know about it. Despite less chances of meeting, there are so many random meets.

I'm excited!

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