Thursday, January 11, 2018

Day with the squad

To huddle up with my people is assurance of hilarious laughs, good time, trolls and alot of memories.  This time we decided to dine at Ten J. Of all, Sunil, SHyam, Rehman, Rahul, Mani, Gautam, Sachin, Myself,  Jaya, Ding, Bala and Jishan gathered. Many people were missed. Vikas joined us for a call and talked for sometime.

C: Rehman, Myself, Naveen, Elli, Shyam, Raul.

"Nothing brings people together like good food." Not in our case! Food at Ten J was mediocre. The service was okay since Elli expressed his dissatisfaction to the manager about previous experience.

Talks over the food was all of trolls, lemons and also whereabouts. We were generous to celebrate the strangers' birthdays at that place.

At Laser Ops
After the lunch, we headed to Laser Ops. It was quite entertaining.  Playing soon after the lunch, wasn't a good decision but, yeah! had lots of fun. Rahul topped the game but to mention, he's very good at hitting the football off the goal post ;)


With lot of running, hiding shooting spree, we enjoyed it. 

L to R Jaya, Mani, Jishan, Gautam, Naveen, Shyam, Bala,Sachin myself,Raul, Elli, and Rehman

Starved Bala took us to the SVM and we took up the Bowling. God blessed the day, we spent great time, playing all the way. With so much of determination and will, everyone tried their best to put a great performance. As time passed and bowling balls went down without a hit, we took a lot of pictures and fooled around appreciating everyone for their utter failure.
Rehman, Jishan, Sunil, Jaya, Ding(Above: Myself, Rahul while Bala is photobombing)

Few people retired for the day and headed to their places. Joining Bala, we headed to Retro Drive In. Elli, Shyam, Rahul, Rehman, Jaya and I joined him. 

Raul, M.S Dhoni and Elli.

Right after the "debate"

There, at retro, we were at ease, chilling and trailing along with the conversations. 

A day well spent. 

These 200 words wouldn't suffice what we had experienced and how we enjoyed the day.  It's good to chronicle the huddles. First huddle of the year 18.

Foot Pool at Retro Drive In

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