Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Zero waste Life Style- It starts with "Less Waste"

You can't turn your lifestyle into 'Zero Waste lifestyle' in a day!

It takes time!

All our life, we've produced a lot of waste and it's tough to reach another extreme in a trice.
I believe, with one conscious decision at a time, we can surely make it a reality. From following "Less Waste lifestyle" we can surely make "Zero waste Life style" a reality.
I'm glad to have friends who inspire me with their words and also works. Sid , fellow TEDxer and good friend of mine is an inspiration and thought provoker to try this "Less Waste" life style. I do not say, I'm successful in following "Less Waste Life Style," I'm trying! I became more conscious when I buy clothes now. As he suggests,I buy clothes at Decathlon which doesn't have a lot of plastic packing.

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Credits: TEDxYouthBrookefieldSalon

Recently, Sid, Hetvee and team organised an TEDxyouthBrookefieldSalon as "Zero Waste" event. It's such an inspiration, I'm sharing their work with every possible community to try. Hope, TEDxVNRVJIET makes an attempt sharing this idea of "Zero Waste event"

I also have another friend, Aakruti Dalmia whose thoughts helped me to be more conscious and try this. Successfully, I haven't used plastic straws till now. It's been a month and every time I avoid straw, I believe I can turn this "Zero Waste lifestyle" as reality in soon.
Again, I'd say, It doesn't happen over night. It happens over the time. If you really want to have "Zero Waste Life style" First follow, "Less waste" Life style.

All I suggest, is to be more conscious of everything you use. Eventually, you'll make a decision and explore this lifestyle.

Being a writer, I use a lot of pens. Plastic pens!

I've recently discovered one start up, "Pureliving" which manufactures paper pens. I've ordered those paper pens to use them. I know, I cannot turn my lifestyle into "Zero Waste lifestyle" all of sudden. But, I'm sure i can make a decision and make a difference in my life and also in this world through my actions.

Be it small but, start now!, If you're really concerned about the waste you produce.



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