Saturday, January 20, 2018

The "Last School Friendship" lasting more than 8 years.

With the girl who became good friend of mine over the years. Everything about our friendship is very coincidental and everything fell in place making us stay together for years.

Sruthi Somaruthu is my last school friend. '10th class' friend. Though everyone departed in their own ways, there are few people who were with me always. 

Santosh, Abhishek, Abhilash, Manish, Varun, Saikumar& Jayadeep were always there and we were together at intermediate. Sruthi was studying at Narayana IIT Campus. We always ended up sharing the same centre for Board examinations. We met twice in  a year atleast. Post Intermediate, we stayed in touch meeting twice in a year atleast, letting us know what we're upto all the time. 

I visit her Campus every year. I was assumed to be her young brother. No wonder people assumed it in that way.

I've seen her grow as a better person in every way. She is kind, honest and I'd not say innocent but super intelligent. Back those times, I was the most troublesome fellow in the class. I always used to have my fun irrespective of the disturbance I created then. She was very understandable and kind to me. Such an understandable person.

Though we don't talk every week, we make sure we let each other know what we're upto. 

She is pursuing her masters in Texas and it's been 2 years since I met her. I'm so glad we could make time and spend a whole day sharing all the stories. 

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