Friday, January 19, 2018

She seems to be the lucky charm!

'Bad days', 'Good days'. 'Normal days'. 'Not so interesting days'
Wading through the` time, I tended to be myself, trying to work on what I have to.

Weeks back, I've decided to work on a memoir. Was searching for the ideas, seeking for the moments.  Contradicting my stories. Was debating with my ownself. I was living with my ideas but not a word was put on a paper.

One moment. One gesture. One song. And I write the important part of the book.

My super sweet senior, Sharayu sent me a Tamil song she sang in recent times. After a long tiring day, got a chance to listen to her and I have all the dots triggered up, getting connected.

She sang Visiri,(Sid Sriram & Shashaa's song❤)

Listening to her singing in Tamil rejuvenated me. It put me in a good mood. Peaceful mood. And I'm all set to write.

Inevitably, being in peace, I tend to write and jotted down the notes and then the draft. First draft of it. And I got it right!

Grateful to the small gesture of sharing her work with me. Grateful to the time she spared for me.

Grateful to the sweet girl Sharayu. God bless her!

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