Monday, January 15, 2018

In dialogue with Hanmanth Bairatti

I'm not sure why he wanted to ask me the question. It was 5am and I was getting ready to start to Chennai.

"Are you from Vijayawada?"

"No. I'm from Hyderabad."

"Have you come for the interview?"


"What interview?"


"Insurance one?"

"No. It's young India fellowship interview"

After series of questions about my whereabouts, I have asked his reason of visit to Bangalore.

He said, I'm a writer, I've come here to give my books to the library.

That one word, "Writer" irked to prolong the conversation and know more about the person.

He seemed very old. 70 years may be. He sat up on his bed and I was standing across the room, listening to him.

"I write in Kannada and mostly science fiction."

We sat at 5.40 am to talk about books, writing and much more.

He is Hanmant Bhairatti. Retired LIC employee and a writer.

We went on with a conversation and he shared about his guru, "Rajashekar Bhushno Mutt," the one who guided him in the genre of science fiction.

Hanmant also wrote a memoir describing his stay at Germany.

Being a writer, knowing the struggle of getting published, I never ask for a complimentary copy but, buy if possible.

As I asked him for the availability of books to buy, he interrupted me saying, "I don't let people buy my books. I give them for free. LIC has given me enough money, I don't need money through books."

As his books get published, he shares 300 copies with the libraries and if anyone sends him the address, Hanmant couriers them for free.

"I do my service to the society in this way."

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