Thursday, January 18, 2018

Without a word, we spoke a lot

It's been a month since I commuted in the city. Was travelling all the time out of city. After long time, as I started to my home from my friend's place, I walked asking for a ride. There were many who ignored and there was also a person who signalled me thumbs down rejecting to give me a ride.

After minutes of requests, a person stopped the bike looking at me. I reached him telling my place. He signalled me asking if I had to go straight. I nodded. He signalled again to get on the bike.

From Abids till Begumpet, he was signalling me continuously whenever there was a junction. I was telling him but  he seemed to be unable to hear. I didn't know if he understood. I assumed him to be dumb and partially deaf. He was honking incessantly. Couldn't complain or suggest him a word.

We shook hands. There was a smile and I headed to my destination.

Without a word, we spoke a lot. A good experience.

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