Saturday, January 19, 2019

A change in a decade

Looking back for  10 years, things have changed for good. I could note down 5 major changes in my life. 


  1. Started Writing Diary
  2. Hitchhiked to meet A.P.J.Abdul Kalam
  3. Didn't go to school to watch A.R.Rahman win Oscars
  4. Started respecting other's time
  5. Didn't have any respect for books or reading.


  1. Journaling and also blogging
  2. Hitchhiking to meet Strangers
  3. Writing a book on how I met A.R.Rahman
  4. Trying to share the message of respecting other's time
  5. Puts books and readers at first place

A lot has changed in my life. 

I didn't have access to Internet in 2009. My best past time was to put songs in a home theatre and keep listening to lot of songs. I used to give myself time to listen to music no matter what I'm into. Right on Jan 1st 2009, I gave a  thought of writing a diary. I didn't have anything interesting to write but, the moment I started writing, I could observe there's a lot I took granted for. I met amazing friends. I kept writing about them. I did a few adventures, I wrote about them. I had interesting conversations with friends. I wrote about them. In the year 2009, I met A.P.J.Abdul Kalam, wrote about the experience.

Cut to 2019

I'm constantly distracted by my phone. I listen to music but I experience everything in a shallow manner. I still write diary. I learnt to practice gratitude in each and every small thing. Have so many friends on the list yet, I write to only a few. I'm afraid, I took a huge step challenging myself to be out of my comfort zone. I'm moving to Rajasthan for a year. I give a lot of time to people whom I admire. The utmost I can give to others is time. I'm elated when someone respects my time as well. I learnt few things but also, i have to  unlearn a lot of things. I'm uncertain about a few things.  And I'm trying to be in peace with myself. 

I can observe a lot of change in my thoughts & assumptions yet, I seem to be the same person with the same curiosity. 

Will give it a more thought on observing major changes in my life. 

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